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OmniEvents::ProxyPushSupplier_i Class Reference

#include <ProxyPushSupplier.h>

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Public Member Functions

void connect_push_consumer (CosEventComm::PushConsumer_ptr pushConsumer)
void disconnect_push_supplier ()
 ProxyPushSupplier_i (PortableServer::POA_ptr poa, EventQueue &q)
 ~ProxyPushSupplier_i ()
trigger (bool &busy, bool &waiting)
 Sets 'busy' if some work was done.
void callback (CORBA::Request_ptr req)
 Sets _targetIsProxy, if it is.
void reincarnate (const string &oid, const PersistNode &node)
 Re-create a servant from information saved in the log file.
void output (ostream &os)
 Save this object's state to a stream.

Private Attributes

CosEventComm::PushConsumer_var _target
bool _targetIsProxy
 TRUE if _target is a ProxyPushConsumer.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 101 of file ProxyPushSupplier.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OmniEvents::ProxyPushSupplier_i::ProxyPushSupplier_i PortableServer::POA_ptr  poa,
EventQueue q

Definition at line 296 of file

OmniEvents::ProxyPushSupplier_i::~ProxyPushSupplier_i  ) 

Definition at line 308 of file

References DB.

Member Function Documentation

void OmniEvents::ProxyPushSupplier_i::callback CORBA::Request_ptr  req  )  [virtual]

Sets _targetIsProxy, if it is.

Implements OmniEvents::Callback.

Definition at line 353 of file

References _targetIsProxy, DB, OmniEvents::omniEventsLog::exists(), OmniEvents::WriteLock::os, and output().

void OmniEvents::ProxyPushSupplier_i::connect_push_consumer CosEventComm::PushConsumer_ptr  pushConsumer  ) 

Definition at line 249 of file

References OmniEvents::Proxy::_req, _target, OmniEvents::Orb::deferredRequest(), OmniEvents::omniEventsLog::exists(), OmniEvents::Orb::inst(), OmniEvents::WriteLock::os, and output().

void OmniEvents::ProxyPushSupplier_i::disconnect_push_supplier  ) 

Definition at line 274 of file

References _target, DB, OmniEvents::Servant::deactivateObject(), OmniEvents::Orb::deferredRequest(), OmniEvents::Proxy::eraseKey(), IFELSE_OMNIORB4, and OmniEvents::Orb::inst().

Referenced by OmniEvents::ProxyPushSupplierManager::disconnect().

void OmniEvents::ProxyPushSupplier_i::output ostream &  os  )  [virtual]

Save this object's state to a stream.

Implements OmniEvents::Proxy.

Definition at line 423 of file

References _target, _targetIsProxy, and OmniEvents::Proxy::basicOutput().

Referenced by callback(), and connect_push_consumer().

void OmniEvents::ProxyPushSupplier_i::reincarnate const string &  oid,
const PersistNode node

Re-create a servant from information saved in the log file.

Implements OmniEvents::Proxy.

Definition at line 378 of file

References _target, _targetIsProxy, OmniEvents::Servant::activateObjectWithId(), OmniEvents::PersistNode::attrLong(), OmniEvents::PersistNode::attrString(), and DB.

void OmniEvents::ProxyPushSupplier_i::trigger bool &  busy,
bool &  waiting

Sets 'busy' if some work was done.

Sets 'waiting' if there is an outstanding request.

Definition at line 315 of file

References DB, OmniEvents::Orb::deferredRequest(), HERE, IF_OMNIORB4, OmniEvents::Orb::inst(), and OmniEvents::Orb::reportObjectFailure().

Referenced by OmniEvents::ProxyPushSupplierManager::run_undetached().

Member Data Documentation

CosEventComm::PushConsumer_var OmniEvents::ProxyPushSupplier_i::_target [private]

Definition at line 125 of file ProxyPushSupplier.h.

Referenced by connect_push_consumer(), disconnect_push_supplier(), output(), and reincarnate().

bool OmniEvents::ProxyPushSupplier_i::_targetIsProxy [private]

TRUE if _target is a ProxyPushConsumer.

Definition at line 126 of file ProxyPushSupplier.h.

Referenced by callback(), output(), and reincarnate().

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