events — stream events from or to a CORBA EventChannel


events [-n channel-name] [-s] [-h] [-ORBparameter value] [channel-uri]


events streams events from an event channel to standard output, or (-s) from standard input to an event channel.

Events are streamed in raw binary form, accompanied by a timestamp. When the stream is played back into a channel, the timestamps are used the replicate the original delays between the messages.

The main use for this command it to record sets of events and play them back later for testing.

Recording example: events corbaname::#EventChannel > test.dat

Playback example: events -s corbaname::#EventChannel < test.dat


-n channel-name

The CORBA Name Service name used to look up the EventChannel CORBA object.


Examples: foo,,, foo/bar/baz.qux.

The default is EventChannel


Supply mode. Read events from standard input.


Display a short summary of command-line options.

-ORBparameter value

Standard omniORB options. see omniORB documentation for details. This option is commonly used to set the omniORB traceLevel, in order to get more detailed output.

Example: -ORBtraceLevel 5

Environment Variables


The location of the omniORB configuration file.


Copyright © 2004,2005 Alex Tingle.

This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.