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Information on installing, building and using omniEvents, an implementation of the OMG Event Service Specification v1.1 for omniORB3 and omniORB4.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Features
1.2. Further Reading
2. Build and Installation
2.1. Prerequisites
2.2. Quick Install Guide - Unix
2.3. Quick Install Guide - Windows
2.4. Building from Source on Windows
2.5. Programs
2.6. Supported Platforms
2.7. Directory Structure
3. How to Set Configuration Options
3.1. Unix SysV-style service.
3.2. Windows service.
3.3. Compile-time customisation
4. Running the examples
4.1. Start the Naming Service (omniNames)
4.2. Start the omniEvents daemon (omniEvents)
4.3. Create an Event Channel (eventc)
4.4. Run one or more example suppliers/consumers
5. Writing an Event Service Client
5.1. Connecting
5.2. Using any type
5.3. Disconnecting
6. Notes for Windows Users
7. Reference
omniEvents - CORBA Event Service daemon
omniEvents-win32 - CORBA Event Service for Windows
eventc - create a CORBA EventChannel and register it in the naming service
eventf - connect (federate) two CORBA EventChannels
events - stream events from or to a CORBA EventChannel
rmeventc - destroy a CORBA EventChannel