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OmniEvents::PersistNode Member List

This is the complete list of members for OmniEvents::PersistNode, including all inherited members.

addattr(const string &keyvalue)OmniEvents::PersistNode
addattr(const string &key, long value)OmniEvents::PersistNode
addnode(const string &name)OmniEvents::PersistNode
attrLong(const string &key, long fallback=0) const OmniEvents::PersistNode
attrString(const string &key, const string &fallback="") const OmniEvents::PersistNode
child(const string &key) const OmniEvents::PersistNode
delnode(const string &name)OmniEvents::PersistNode
hasAttr(const string &key) const OmniEvents::PersistNode
omniEventsLog classOmniEvents::PersistNode [friend]
output(ostream &os, string name) const OmniEvents::PersistNode
PersistNode()OmniEvents::PersistNode [inline]
PersistNode(istream &is)OmniEvents::PersistNode
readnode(istream &is)OmniEvents::PersistNode [inline]
readtoken(istream &is, string &tok)OmniEvents::PersistNode [inline]

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